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2014 Leejay Levene Calendar

A Celebration of the Life of Leejay Levene

The Leejay Levene Calendar Project commemorates the life of community member and prolific artist Leejay Levene who passed away tragically at the age of 18 during a routine wisdom teeth procedure. He is remembered as a kind, thoughtful person and his legacy lives on as his art is used to raise funds for organizations across Waterloo Region like Grand River Hospital Foundation, Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society, and Kitchener Waterloo Symphony amongst others through the Leejay Levene Calendar Project.

Motivated by Leejay, 100% of the sales of the 2014 Leejay Levene Calendar went towards the creation of Leejay’s Lane, a permanent place in THEMUSEUM for children and youth to find the artist within. In Leejay’s Lane, children and youth will have access to dynamic arts programming, inspiring the growth of a more creative community.

In The Media:

The Waterloo Region Record: The Leejay Levene calendar: Turning tragedy into accomplishment


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