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  • THEMUSEUM Exhibitions: GET Naked with the Buck Naked Soap Company

    Can nakedness transcend the boundaries of the human body and become more than a physical state of being? According to the Buck Naked Soap Company, getting naked means using all-natural products to help maintain healthy lifestyles while also providing a sustainable alternative to store-bought bath products.

  • THEMUSEUM Family Experience: Prehistoric Timeline

    Did you know that Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus didn’t live together? There’s actually less time between humans today and T-Rex, than there is between T-Rex and Stegosaurus. To help put the millions of years of prehistoric history into perspective, we’ve developed a timeline, complete with fun facts.

  • THEMUSEUM Exhibitions: Viewing Nude Art While In the Nude

    What is social nudity? The dictionary describes it as nudism, or going without clothes as a social practice. The concept of social nudity has been practiced since before the mid-twentieth century, although the idea has not been widely accepted until quite recently. With the debut of THEMUSEUM’s new exhibition, Getting Naked, we want to respectfully challenge perceptions and create discussions on why nudity is seen as taboo.

  • Museum After Dark: Slow Mo Bros take on Studio54

    This year’s Studio 54 theme was Saints and Sinners. Guests came as angels and devils, cops and robbers, saints and sinners alike. Here at THEMUSEUM, we knew this would be a theme like no other, so we had to document it for all to see. A regular photo booth wouldn’t suffice for Studio 54; we needed something bigger, better. 

  • THEMUSEUM Family Experience: Introducing Dinosaurs |The Edge of Extinction

    It’s time to journey back 65 million years with THEMUSEUM and learn about two of the largest dinosaurs that were alive during the Cretaceous Period: Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops.

  • Museum After Dark: Headphone Disco

    The dance party will be completely silent until visitors put on headphones. Two DJs will be playing different music throughout the night, and their streams can be toggled on the headphones; party-goers will be able to choose what they listen to as they dance the night away.

  • THEMUSEUM Exhibitions Presents GETTING Naked: An Introduction

    For the first time, from March 7 to May 31, over 100 pieces from the collection will be on display in THEMUSEUM. The pieces will range in style, but all follow one theme: nakedness.

  • Museum After Dark: Studio 54

    The BIGGEST party of the year is back! This time guests can pick a side to this year’s theme: Saints and Sinners.

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