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  • "Unwrapping" the Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Female Power

    Many ancient civilizations had a gender gap: men were seen as all-powerful, whereas women were often cast aside and viewed as simple wives and child-bearers. Ancient Egyptians, however, were ahead of their time when it came to gender equality: while your social class could hold you back, your gender could not.

  • Museum After Dark: The Brush Off

    How often do you get the chance to watch artists create original works of art? For the fourth year in a row The Brush Off is back! On January 24 THEMUSEUM will come alive with some of Waterloo Region’s most well-known and emerging artists. 

  • Call for Nominations: The Joan Euler Order of the Creative Mind Award presented by BMO

    THEMUSEUM is proud to present The Joan Euler Order of the Creative Mind Award presented by BMOrecognizing a tenacious and passionate leader committed to supporting arts, culture and community. 

  • THEMUSEUM Community Stage: Sustainable Food Systems Dialogues

    There are many important aspects to consider when adopting a healthy diet, and even more if you want that diet to reflect sustainable consumption. But what is sustainable consumption?

  • “Unwrapping” the Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Mummy Unwrapping Parties – Fact or Fiction?

    Receiving invitations to parties is a very common occurrence. Receiving invitations to parties where the main event includes unwrapping an ancient Egyptian mummy is not. But a quick Google search of “Victorian mummy unwrapping parties” will yield numerous results, and many stories will appear claiming that the upper classes of Victorian England often hosted these parties.

  • Unwrapping the Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Ancient Medicine

    There is a plethora of ancient knowledge that has been discovered including written knowledge of Ancient Egyptian medical practices, as well as medical instruments varying from pincers and forceps, to surgical knives.  

  • A Message From Our CEO, David Marskell

    Make a light switch at our Maker Club with your child, or laugh under a room full of balloons.Meet a 3,000 year old mummy or come face to face with

  • Unwrapping the Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Food & Drink

    Ancient Egyptians survived on a diet of mostly grains, vegetables and beer. These three staples were consumed by people of all social classes and ages.

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