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Another successful Brush Off at THEMUSEUM leads to announcement of collaboration across Region

THEMUSEUM teams up with Cambridge Idea Exchange and Waterloo Button Factory 

Kitchener, ON – Saturday's fourth annual The Brush Off at THEMUSEUM was a huge success with more than 600 visitors in attendance and 26 artists competing and sharing in the proceeds. The top artists of the night were:


  1. Todd Babensee of Waterloo
  2. Ralf Wall of Kitchener
  3. Kevin Compuesto of Mississauga 

The next event in The Brush Off Series, for the third year in a row will be the The Brush Off Junior Edition. However, this year will see a new twist. 

Both the Idea Exchange in Cambridge and Button Factory Arts in Waterloo will be hosting their own live-art competitions for high school students. These events, which are being done in collaboration with THEMUSEUM's The Brush Off Junior Edition, will allow for more emerging artistic talent to be showcased throughout the region. 

Both the Idea Exchange and Button Factory Arts will have slightly different application processes and rules than THEMUSEUM's event, but the goal will be the same: allow artists to compete and display their talent. Winners from their events will then go on to compete in THEMUSEUM's The Brush Off Junior Edition. This will be expanded to include both the main and Junior Brush Off events going forward.

"We are very excited about collaborating with THEMUSEUM as we celebrate and showcase the creativity of teens in Cambridge," said Karen Murray-Hopf, Cultural Programs and Special Events Planner for Idea Exchange. 

"Button Factory Arts is please to be part of THEMUSEUM's great event the Brush Off this year. We look forward to celebrating our artistic youth from Waterloo and sending two talented artists to participate in this great event!" said Heather Franklin, Excutive Director of Button Factory Arts. 

David Marskell, CEO of THEMUSEUM said "We are excited to partner with two great organizations to expand these annual events throughout the entire region. Giving artists the opportunity to become recognized is vital and helps build our arts and culture community with a meaning full collaboration." 

The Idea Exchange will host their Junior competition April 8, 2015 and youths who live in Cambridge will be able to participate. Button Factorty Arts will host their competition on April 18, 2015, and youths who live in Waterloo may participate. 

THEMUSEUM's third annual Brush Off Junior Edition will take place on April 25, 2015 with the top two artists from the aforementioned competitions being entered. 

THEMUSEUM's event is open to any high school student, regardless of residency. 

Application forms for The Brush Off Junior Edition will be available online at as well as the Idea Exchange and Button Factory Arts.

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