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THEMUSEUM Community Stage: #tryDTK Part III, Level Up at The Adventurer’s Guild

How many local businesses have you tried? Our staff have started a mission to visit as many of THEMUSEUM’s neighbors as we can! This week, we journeyed over to Ontario Street to check out our local board game café. After all, local businesses are the ones helping to spread the #DTKlove and make the core #DTKawesome, right? Previously in this series: Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Pumpkin Treats.

Winter is coming. Maybe. The weather has been relatively warm lately, but we all know that won’t last. Once the cold winds and heaps of snow start to blow in, most of us will likely want to stay indoors where it’s warm, and cuddle up under piles of blankets and marathon Netflix shows. But that’s not going to help you level up in life.

What will, you ask? Hanging out at The Adventurer’s Guild Board Game Café & Tavern, of course!

This little gem is tucked away on Ontario Street, and has helped created what many downtown locals refer to as the Funtario Street strip. Many of the local shops put on public events once a month, and participate in wider downtown events and festivals throughout the year.

The Adventurer’s Guild is open six days a week, though, and is the perfect place to visit with friends: they have hundreds of games you’ve probably never heard of, sandwiches and treats, coffee, and craft beers. Who doesn’t want all of those things in one convenient location?

You can find way more than just Monopoly here. They do have it, of course, as well as various other versions, but why waste your time playing a game you know will end in anger when there are 728 or so other games to choose from? Their website says they have that many games, I didn’t just guess.

Sure, that number seems huge, but when you walk into The Adventurer’s Guild you’ll believe it. There are multiple book cases lining the walls that are overflowing with games. Most are organized based on number of players, which makes it a bit easier to choose from based on how many people are in your party. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, their super friendly staff are always willing to make a recommendation. Last time I was there I was introduced to a game called Camel Up – play it.

They also have a nook in the back set up with a TV for people to relive their childhoods and play retro and classic video games. Haven’t played SNES in a while? They’ve got you covered.

Space that isn’t holding games is decked out in some form of nerdy décor, from 8-bit art of Nintendo characters to a paper-maché rancor. They even have a fake fireplace with a collection of science fiction and fantasy novels you can read.

So the next time you and your friends are trying to organize a games night, instead of trying to figure out who owns what and whose house to go to, just do what you know is right: level up at The Adventurer’s Guild instead. 


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