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THEMUSEUM Community Stage: #tryDTK Part IV, Cinematic Adventures at Apollo Cinema

How many local businesses have you tried? Our staff have started a mission to visit as many of THEMUSEUM’s neighbors as we can! This week, we journeyed over to Ontario Street to check out our local board game café. After all, local businesses are the ones helping to spread the #DTKlove and make the core #DTKawesome, right? Previously in this series: Pumpkin Spice LattesPumpkin Treats and Level Up at The Adventurer's Guild

Friends of downtown Kitchener: how often do you huff and puff all your way to a movie theater that is at least a 30 minute bus ride away from the city’s core? Well, did you know that you don’t have to travel to Sportsworld, The Boardwalk, or Conestoga Mall just to see a film? That’s right, folks, Kitchener’s only independent movie theater is right on Ontario Street!

Behold: Apollo Cinema.

It’s also Waterloo Region’s only fully licenced theater, so you can drink sweet, delicious craft beers – or a glass of vino – while enjoying a movie. Have little ones? Don’t worry: it’s not a 19+ joint. In fact, young, aspiring film critics are totally welcome, and you can usually find family-friendly flicks playing on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

The only drawback is that Apollo only has one screen, so there’s not a whole lot of selection. They do play a mix of classic, cult and contemporary films, though, so there’s a little bit of something for everyone. They also tend to throw a lot of themed weeks, where old favourite are brought back for fans to enjoy. In September, for example, they hosted a “Back to School” week, where films were paired with school subjects. Phys Ed was paired up with Fight Club and The Warriors, and World Religion was paired with Life of Brian.

One of the greatest things about Apollo is the abundance of leg room. There’s so much space between rows that you can stretch your legs out ALL THE WAY and not worry about a thing. In fact, the back rows have so much extra space that there are tables set up between seats! According to their website, of the 308 seats, 130 have tables. This definitely comes in handy for anyone trying to balance multiple snacks.

Apollo posts their schedules online on a monthly basis, so make sure to check it out in the next week and plan your December outings! 


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