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Call for Makers

We are a new kind of museum – one of ideas and experiences. We are dedicated to presenting fresh, relevant cultural content from around the globe in unique and interactive ways that intersect art, science, culture and technology – and our front window is no exception!

THEMUSEUM is seeking artists and makers to create an installation piece for our front window space on a rotating basis.

What’s the catch? Nothing, really. The selected artist or maker will have free reign of the space within a few parameters:

·         The installation must have elements of interactivity that pique the curiosity of anyone walking by.

·         The installation must not be static; we’re looking for something with sound, motion, light, social media integration or anything else you can think of to draw in the eyes (and minds) of passersby.

·         THEMUSEUM loves to when art and technology are at play; we’ll be looking for this aesthetic in applications, too.

·         The installation will be required to run 24/7. That means it must be noticeable and functional all day and all night long.

·         The front window is made of three identical panes 37” wide by 86.5” high and a fourth window pane that is 44” wide by 86.5” high; a floorplan and pictures of this space can be found below in the photo gallery. Obviously, the installation must fit into the space available.

·         The installation may draw inspiration from THEMUSEUM’s exhibitions in order to connect the space to THEMUSEUM’s content.

·         A secondary consideration for content theme(s) is seasonal or cultural significance, for example: Maker Culture, Light Rail Transit, or Canada’s 150th Birthday.

Okay, what’s in it for me?

Aside from your installation being the most engaging King Street feature in downtown Kitchener? A lot, actually:

·         The front window space will be curated on a rotating basis for fall, winter, spring and summer, with a new installation starting in April, July, October and January.

·         The selected artist will receive an honorarium of $1000, which includes the cost of materials (including any HST). Alternatively, if materials used for the installation may be procured and utilized for future programming in The Underground Studio MakerSpace as per The Underground Studio Coordinator’s discretion, materials may be supplied by The Underground Studio MakerSpace on a per case basis.

·         Artists are welcome to partner with others organizations, businesses or causes (with THEMUSEUM’s approval) to make the space collaborative and phenomenal.

·         The selected artist will have access to THEMUSEUM staff and resources to make the installation function as intended.

·         The selected artist is welcome to (tastefully) promote themselves and their work in the space and signage can be developed with THEMUSEUM's help.

Sign me up!

Yeah, we thought you’d say that.

In a single PDF, please submit 500 words outlining your installation and any related imagery or photos you can provide. Be sure to include details on aesthetic, interactivity, community impact, theme, partnerships and any other detail you can think of that might make you stand out among the rest. As well, please attach a detailed budget outlining all expected costs.

Send applications to Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis. If successful, you will be contacted to further discuss the installation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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