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Communal art project part of Summer of Discovery

Ellipsis exhibition allows visitors to add colour to white space

Kitchener, ONTHEMUSEUM’s Summer of Discovery exhibition features Ellipsis: an interactive art exhibition that also acts as a collaborative art project for all visitors who enter the room. Ellipsis began as a room completely void of colour: the floors, walls and all furniture were painted white. When visitors enter the room they are given circular stickers of varying colours and size, and are encouraged to place them on anything that is white.
Different coloured patterns, simple images, and random blobs slowly fill the room and show the creativity of everyone who participates. By the time the Ellipsis exhibition closes, the room will have transformed from a white void to a colourful masterpiece.
“Ellipsis gives visitors a chance to not only interact with art, but also create their own art,” said David Marskell, CEO of THEMUSEUM. “Visitors of all ages are able to be creative and transcend the boundaries of a traditional art exhibition; rather than looking, they are creating.”
Visitors are able to place stickers on the floor and walls, as well as on tables and chairs, a television, bookcases and a working piano. They are also encouraged to interact with these items by sitting in the room, playing the piano and discussing the overall experience that the exhibition offers.
More information about the Summer of Discovery and its six exhibitions – Mission: Outer Space A Com Dev Adventure, Science + You: Kohl Children’s Museum, Stratford’s Discovering Fantasy, Healing by Brian Knep, Ellipsis and #1562 Half the Air in a Given Space by Martin Creed – as well as tickets, can be found online at

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