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Community Push Nets THEMUSEUM First-Ever Operating Surplus

Modest operating surplus achieved through strong programming, tough business decisions and support from the community – special FREE day announced

Kitchener, ON: THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener closed its books on the 2012- 2013 operating year Sunday June 30th achieving a first-ever operating surplus.

The year has been an eventful one, as THEMUSEUM secured major international exhibitions including North American and Canadian Premieres including Treasures of China featuring the Dazu Rock Carvings, AVATAR: The Exhibition and ONE LOVE l The Bob Marley Exhibition, the latter currently open until Labour Day.

Taking steps to return to the successful festival strategy approach, introduced four years ago with Andy Warhol’s Factory 2009, THEMUSEUM has connected with various segments of the community to assist in programming and to raise awareness generally.

The diverse and interactive exhibits for all ages have attracted audiences from across the Region and through a marketing effort in Toronto from the L and M Postal Codes. It is expected the increase in attendance will approach 12%. The numbers will now be audited before becoming official.

The year also saw some tough business decisions with 20% of the budget being reduced in year in order to manage costs versus revenues and ultimately balance in the black.

With a ten day personal appeal from CEO David Marskell more than ninety people donated helping get THEMUSEUM across the goal line. Marskell said, “It is humbling and exhilarating to know the community appreciates our efforts and we look forward to continuing to grow along with the community.”

As a special thank-you to the community, THEMUSEUM is offering free admission all day long for the Summer of ONE LOVE Festival Saturday July 6, 2013, which is in partnership with The Waterloo Region Record.

“The books have closed and our finances are now over to the auditor for confirmation,” explains David Marskell. “It appears that we have made a modest surplus and I cannot express my sincere thanks enough to this amazing community for helping us achieve such a success and I look forward to announcing two more awesome exhibitions for next year!”

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