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Dialogues & Workshops

THEMUSEUM, which has built a reputation on provoking conversation with its relevant and often controversial exhibitions, present dynamic dialogues on select Wednesdays during the year.

The Model Citizens Dialogues will consist of speakers, panels and films to complement this contemporary exhibition and engage the community in a discussion around the impact of technology on our shared social experiences. The upcoming dialogues are Pay What You Can (PWYC), with a suggested donation of $10.

Upcoming Dialogues

Creativity: A Public Health Issue with Margaret Martin and Joan Sanger

Join THEMUSEUM, the Director and Founder of the Harmony Project of America, Margaret Martin, and the artist behind Whose Reality Is It?, Joan Sanger, as they discuss the importance of creativity in brain development – particularly in light of our tech saturated lives.

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Documenting Downtown Change: A Community Discussion

Urban change brings new and refreshing voices to our cities and opens up opportunities to pursue sustainability and improvements to many peoples’ well being and quality of life. At the same time, urban change can underline the divergent ways in which people experience the city.

Documenting Downtown Change is a photo-voice exhibition that shares moments in a changing downtown Kitchener through the eyes of community members.

Photos were captured by those who live, work, connect, or access goods and services in the downtown core, and depict spaces of connection and division. A deeper look at everyday places highlights the social distance that exists between people who inhabit the same physical space.

Join the team behind the project on November 1, 2017 as they lead a community discussion on what downtown change means to you and how social media plays a role in this change.

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Life Asks™ Pop-Up Community Conversations

What stories can we tell each other that will make a difference to the way we live, work, do business, launch innovative projects, and interact together in community? And how can we make these stories go viral?

Join us for a Pop-Up on Community Conversations.

You show up, grab a drink, pick conversations of your choice, move around, and engage in a fun, real-time, hosted discussion with a group of like-minded and diverse people from the local community. We’re expecting artists, adventurers, entrepreneurs (some serial), techies, University students, recent grads, philosophers, hipsters, networkers and local thought leaders.

It’s new. It’s different. We want to spark creative connections between people and ideas, life experiences and future possibilities. The Pop-Up Conversation is an opportunity to identify and share what matters most to you. After all, our conversations shape our lives and our communities.

As a digital partner of THEMUSEUM, Life Asks™ provides people with an opportunity to interact digitally as well as socially, together with friends and family, thus creating important linkages between real world and digital interactions.

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Mann: A Short Film by Kyle Sawyer – Screening and Q&A

A mannequin lives alone in a beige apartment in a gated community of identical beige apartments. Each day of his repetitive life he must avoid a set of stairs on his way to work with a great sigh. He is not blessed with human mobility. He cannot eat, he cannot run, he cannot climb stairs. At a nondescript Nashville clothing store, it’s clear he’s fallen for his spritely coworker, and incidentally his closest human contact, but the connection is not mutual, it cannot be because he can never let her know. He comes to this realization and silently searches for his own place and purpose in the scorched American south.

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