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SURFACE TENSION | The Future of Water

Sept 20, 2013 to Jan 5, 2014

The future of water is the subject of tension. Water is both disposable and sacred, a muse for artists and a necessity for life – a source of healing and of conflict. The Earth has abundant water, but only a very small proportion is available for human use. How should this be managed and sustained, and what would a water-scarce future look like?

SURFACE TENSION brings together work by artists, designers, engineers and scientists to explore the future of water. Through 35 installations, it plays on water's physical properties, its role in politics and economics, and discusses ways it's harnessed, cleaned and distributed.

Ralph Borland, Michael John Gorman, Bruce Misstear, Jane Withers

Created by Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin - part of the Global Science Gallery Network.


Special 25% Discount! The Waterloo Region Museum is also exhibiting an environmentally themed exhibit called Exploring Trees. Both SURFACE TENSION and Exploring Trees exhibit are environmentally themed and open to Jan. 5, 2014. Each museum is offering a 25% discount with proof of purchase from the other museum's exhibition. Visitors simply show their receipt from the first exhibit when visiting the second one to receive the discount.

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