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Eamon Mac Mahon: Currents

Curated by Claire Sykes

The importance of water is difficult to exaggerate. Not only is it essential to life, it gives and takes away in a spectacular balancing act that is as fragile as it is fundamental. 

Toronto based artist Eamon Mac Mahon is fascinated by this flux, by water and its proverbial ebb and flow. This exhibition presents eleven photographs and a video that each in its own way reveals something about the place and states of water in our lives and in our world. For Eamon, water is both a medium for movement and a marker of time.

Through these images, and accompanying anecdotal captions, he invites us to consider how water cycles and changes in response to outside influences (gravity, temperature, wind); and how those who are dependent upon it, use, adapt, respond, contain, control or succumb, as conditions dictate.

Eamon has focused on landscape since 2004 and has spent much of his time working in the North. His photographs have appeared in various publications including The Walrus, National Geographic, and The New Yorker, as well as exhibition spaces such as the Griffin Museum of Photography in Boston, Higher Pictures in New York, and recently, Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. 

Currents is produced by the Cape Farewell Foundation in partnership with THEMUSEUM as part of Carbon 14: Climate is Culture festival.

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