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Unwrapping Egypt

NOW OPEN: Unwrapping Egypt reveals the secrets of an ancient culture, featuring over 400 museum-quality replica artifacts focusing on the world-famous tomb of King Tutankhamun. More details.

Imagine a Show

NOW OPEN: Imagine A Show is a collaborative project designed to showcase the imagination, passion, talent and creativity of youth through photography in Waterlooo Region

Mummy Exhibit

NOW OPEN: In its Centennial year the Royal Ontario Museum has partnered with THEMUSEUM to bring “Justine”, a three thousand year old mummy to Kitchener for Unwrapping Egypt. Excavated in 1906 through 1907 by Eduard Naville at Deir el-Bahri, Justine was in her late 20’s when she died, and is suspected to be the wife of a Wab priest in the 21st or 22nd dynasty of Egypt.

Virtual Graffiti Wall

Practice the art of graffiti without the mess! THEMUSEUM's Virtual Graffiti Wall allows you to express your creativity with the click of a button on the "light-powered" spray can. Mix and match colours, alter the "spray" of the spray can, and then admire your painted masterpiece - or...start the fun all over again!
**Coming Soon - the ability to save your creation on THEMUSEUM website to download**

Animation Station

Are you an aspiring filmmaker? Then take your skills to the test at the Animation Station, THEMUSEUM's stop-motion animation studio. Plot your drama, frame-by-frame, in front of the camera using supplied props to inspire the next Steven Spielberg. And once Johnny has finally found his true love, or the giant centipede has swallowed the doomed automobile, play it back to your surrounding audience and enjoy!
**Coming Soon - the ability to save your creation on THEMUSEUM website to download**

Permanent Exhibits


This colourful area is designed for our youngest visitors to explore their creativity! The gallery is designed especially for children up to 4 years of age. The TotSpot introduces babies and toddlers to early learning principles through visual and tactile stimuli. 

Walking Piano

Dance on this giant 6 foot piano and learn simple songs or freestyle to create your own original compositions.

Beat Bender

Play with different sounds, tempos, and beats on this colour-changing drum.

Bed of Nails

A favourite of visitors to THEMUSEUM, come lie on the Bed of Nails platform and hold down the button that slowly raises a series of nails, lifting you up!

Shadow Play

The large white screen on the main floor is the Shadow Play. Turn the coloured lights located behind the screen on and off to create multi-coloured shadows. Dance, pose or wiggle and watch your shadow move with you. How many shadows are there when all of the lights are on? 


These are in the centre of the Grand Atrium and unlike school and home you don't have to clean up your toys! 

Fish Tanks

Meet our fishy friends! In these 125 gallon tanks full of life, you'll find a variety of African Cichlids and Rainbow Fish! 

The Living Wall

The Living Wall greets guests after they walk through our adult or child sized front doors. The many plants that make up the garden use the sun's energy to grow as it cleans THEMUSEUM's air and helps cool the building in the summer! 

The Urban Streetscape Project 

A collaborative effort to showcase iconic features of our Region in a fun and interactive way! Create your own sound at The Beat Goes On and interact with images on the floor and wall! 

Construction Alley

Create a sculpture, maze, or a fort using the multi-coloured flags.  

Thoughts Flow Water Table

Alter the speed, direction, or height of the water as you create patterns and pathways with the panels!  How many different ways can you direct the water? Can you have a boat race?

Pin Walls

Push your hand, chest, or back into the Pin Wall then see the impression you've left.

Magnetic Wall

Create words, shapes and connect the gears!

Me and My Shadow

Stand against the wall, press the button for a flash of light, and see what you create on the phosphorescent wall! 




Past exhibitions

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