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Education Programs

Permanent Education Programs

With direct connections to the Ontario curriculum, these hour long programs enrich classroom learning in an exciting and engaging environment.

Permanent Program Descriptions

Along the Lines of Colour

Unleash your inner artist and explore the world of colour! Investigate how artists use colour, texture, shape, and line to suggest different ideas, feelings, and messages through their art. Learn how to dot, dash, and swirl like the masters and then use your imagination to complete a colour-filled art challenge.

Discover Space

Explore the night sky and blast off into outer space in our Star Lab planetarium. Discover planets, moons, stars, and satellites while uncovering the relationship between humans and our solar system. End the visit by launching your very own rocket in our atrium!

KIC – Energy in Our Lives

Investigate solar power and energy conservation through a series of hands-on activities and learn the importance of our sun.

KiM – A Healthy Start

Meet KiM, our Kids in Motion mascot, and learn about different parts of the body in this interactive program. Move and groove to get your hearts pumping before learning about healthy foods while enjoying a fruit smoothie.


Harness the power of electricity! Explore the different types of circuits through hands on activities. Then use our littleBits library to see how electricity travels and brings things to life through light, sound or motion.

Mission Possible

THEMUSEUM needs your help! Use teamwork and inquiry skills to solve mysteries throughout THEMUSEUM to figure out ‘who did it’!

Science Within

Discover the respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems in your body in this highly interactive program. Create working models of each system and take a look at a real pig lung!

StarLab Presentations

Take your class on an out-of-this-world trip in our planetarium. Understand planets, moons, stars, and satellites, travel through space, and uncover mysteries of our solar system.

Still Standing

Calling all builders! Learn about the impact natural disasters have on our buildings and structures by taking on the challenge of creating structures strong enough to withstand the effects of different disasters. See which ones will stay standing and which ones will come crumbling down.

Surviving Nature Unleashed

Explore the impact of Mother Nature on our planet and society. Students will play THEMUSEUM’s original board game Disaster Strikes! to understand how communities around the world cope with the devastation caused by natural disasters. Find out if your city can survive Nature Unleashed!

The Power of Light

Do-gooders unite! Explore the powers of light in our super heroes in training program. Learn how to harness the properties of light to create your own superhero gadgets.

Themed Education Programs

Themed education weeks provide students with a full day of immersive, interactive, and hands on programming.

Themed Education Program Descriptions

S.T.E.M: Destination Imagination

November 6 – November 10, 2017
Challenge your students to a day of interactive S.T.E.M activities and workshops. Make, tinker, build, and connect with professionals from Waterloo Region’s tech sector to showcase the potential of pursuing S.T.E.M based careers!

It all starts here.

Aboriginal Intersections

March 26 – March 29, 2018
Stories unite us. They come from traditions of the wampum weavers and oral storytellers sharing tales of Turtle Island. But they are also being explored by emerging Aboriginal artists. Students have a unique opportunity to learn about storytelling, traditions, and the rich culture of Canadian First Nations communities.

Medieval Week

April 30 – May 3, 2018
Hear ye! Hear ye! Students will be immersed in unique hands-on medieval activities and workshops as we travel back to medieval times. Students will participate in a variety of workshops to experience the challenges, intrigue and excitement of living during Medieval times – all led by in-character facilitators!

The Underground Studio MakerSpace Education Programs

Delivered in our one-of-a-kind MakerSpace, students will learn by doing through experimentation, exploration, and by failing forward in these unique 75 minute workshops.

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