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Maker Club, THEMUSEUM Maker Club

Teaching kids aged 8+ and their parents the skills to make cool things with real tools. Safely.

Using saws, glue guns, hammers and soldering irons, families will explore creativity with tools often reserved for adults. At Maker Club we focus on learning to use tools safely. When we begin a project we don't worry as much about the result as we do the process and building confidence in tool usage. All of our projects start and finish in a single night and are designed for kids aged 8-15. Due to demand we are now only collecting names and emails of those interested, and we will send a notice 2-3 weeks before each meeting to sign up for specific topics on a first-come first served basis. Memberships for Maker Club are available, and guarantee a spot each month.

Maker Club meets on the second Wednesday each month in 2016 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
Annual Memberships are $80/child for 12 sessions. Quarterly Memberships are $25/child for 3 sessions.
Includes all non-recycled project materials.

Find out all the details for Maker Club at

*Please be kind and do not open nuts or other food items which other visitors might be allergic to while you’re visiting. THEMUSEUM cannot guarantee it is a nut-free facility.*

Upcoming dates for Maker Club in 2016:

Wednesday, June 8
Wednesday, July 13
Wednesday, August 10
Wednesday, September 14
Wednesday, October 12
Wednesday, November 9
Wednesday, December 14

Upcoming topics for 2016 are (in no particular order):

Paper Making, Learn to Solder, Electrifying Artwork (Paper Electronics), 3D Printing, Modelling and Scanning, Toy Hacking, Wood Working, Wearable Electronics (Hats), Elastic Powered Boats (at Kitchener City Hall in the summer), Compressed Air Rockets, Mini Marshmallow Launchers, and more...

If you are interested in being notified of registration opening each month please provide your email, name and age of child(ren) below:

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