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Grades 1 to 3

Kids Inspiring Change - Energy in Our Lives
Grade 1
Students will meet 'Ray' and learn how he uses his solar power to help people live their lives. Learn about solar power and energy conservation through a series of hands-on activities and investigate the importance of the sun in our lives. 
Program Length -  60 minutes
Curriculum connections: Science and Technology
Kids in Motion: a Healthy Start
Grade 1-3
Meet KiM, our Kids in Motion mascot, and learn about different parts of the body in this interactive program. Have fun moving and grooving to get your hearts pumping before learning about healthy foods while enjoying a fruit smoothie.
Program Length -  50 minutes
Curriculum connections: Health and Physical Education, Grade 2-3 Science and Technology
Along the Lines of Colour
Grade 1-3
Unleash your inner artist and explore the world of colour! Investigate how artists use colour, texture, shape, and lines to evoke different ideas, feelings, and messages through their art. Learn how to dot, dash, and swirl like the masters and then use your imagination to complete a colour filled art challenge.
Program Length -  55 minutes 
Curriculum connections: Visual Arts
Star Lab Presentations
Grade 1-6
Immerse your class in an out-of-this-world experience in our planetarium. Gain an understanding of the planets, moons, stars and satellites while travelling through space and uncovering the mysterious of our solar system.
Program Length -  30 minutes
Curriculum connections: Science and Technology
Self-Guided Visit
Grade 1-12
Reserved time, enabling you to lead your class in selected exhibit learning experiences. An interpreter will be available to greet your group.

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