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Local artist’s collective to take over THEMUSEUM

Collective Identity to “Discuss” Waterloo Region Future

Kitchener, ON – This fall, THEMUSEUM will be handing its fourth level gallery space to a group of local artists, who call themselves Collective Identity, to display a show called Fast Forward Waterloo Region. This show aims to display various media of art – paintings, sculptures, performances and more – that depict what the culture of Waterloo Region might look like in the future.
Local artists who live within the boundaries of Waterloo Region are invited to submit artwork that depicts their notion of the future or that may loosely follow these topics: transit, urbanity and landscape, food and food security, cultures and multiculturalism.
THEMUSEUM is giving its gallery space over to Collective Identity so they can display local artwork, and also provide the group with a home base to gather support and grow the local art movement.
“We’re always looking for ways to engage with the local arts and culture community, and this is a great opportunity for constructive collaboration,” said David Marskell, CEO of THEMUSEUM. “Fast Forward Waterloo Region is the first of, hopefully, many future events that will help revitalize the local art movement within Waterloo Region and I am delighted THEMUSEUM can play a part.”
“The arts in Waterloo Region have taken many hits over the years. With near non-existent infrastructure and little ability to conduct meaningful business in the region, talented artists have become a key export; I call it the creative brain drain,” said Terre Chartrand, one of the local artists leading the Collective Identity. “We are looking to rebuild from within, create solidarity between us, and share our talent with the region.”
Collective Identity and Marskell are appealing to local developers, corporation, start-ups and the community in general to both support the initiative financially and view this cultural renaissance for Downtown Kitchener.
Fast Forward Waterloo Region will be on display from September 17th to October 4th, 2015. More information will be available online at closer to the exhibition’s opening.

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