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Meteorite samples land at THEMUSEUM

Billion year old items on loan from Royal Ontario Museum for Summer of Discovery exhibition

Kitchener, ON – This summer THEMUSEUM’s exhibition will include meteorite samples, on loan from the Royal Ontario Museum’s (ROM) Earth Sciences collection. They will be included as one of the six family installations making up Summer of Discovery Featuring Dinosaurs | The Edge of Extinction.
The meteorites will be part of the Mission: Outer Space A Com Dev Adventure exhibition, which includes other space-themed content and interactive displays for visitors of all ages. The meteorite samples, as well as the Summer of Discovery exhibition, will be on display until September 7th, 2015.
Six samples in total will be on display; five will be inside glass display cases, while the sixth – a touchable 4.5 billion year old sample – will be openly displayed for visitors to interact with. All six samples were collected from locations across North American and Africa. They were found on sites where asteroids have made contact with the Earth’s surface.
“We are very excited to be able to partner with the ROM again this summer,” said David Marskell, CEO of THEMUSEUM. “This collaboration allows us to bring unique content to Waterloo Region, and lets visitors interact with materials that are billions of years old; it adds a whole new level to their experience.”
All six meteorite samples will complement the Mission: Outer Space A Com Dev Adventure exhibition and help teach visitors about the billions of years of history that our planet has been involved in. They help explain how our solar system, as well as Earth, was created.
This isn’t the first time that THEMUSEUM has partnered with the ROM to bring new, world-class content to Waterloo Region. Last summer, the two collaborated in bringing Nefret-Mut (the mummy formally known as “Justine”) from Toronto to Kitchener as part of the Unwrapping Egypt exhibition.
More information about the Summer of Discovery and its six exhibitions – Mission: Outer Space A Com Dev Adventure, Science + You: Kohl Children’s Museum, Stratford’s Discovering Fantasy, Healing by Brian Knep, Ellipsis and #1562 Half the Air in a Given Space by Martin Creed – as well as tickets, can be found online at

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