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Mile-marker from Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope added to Terry Fox: Running to the Heart of Canada

Mile-marker from Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope added to Terry Fox: Running to the Heart of Canada now on display at THEMUSEUM

Kitchener, ON –  Many Canadians flock to Thunder Bay to pay homage to a true Canadian hero, Terry Fox. It was in Thunder Bay that Terry ended his 3,339 mile (5,373km) journey, forced by a return of cancer to head home to British Columbia.

A monument stands tall in Thunder Bay just 12km west of where Terry ran his last mile. Until recently, this iconic spot was marked by a humble marker. This marker, a wooden post painted white with the words “Mile 3339 Terry Fox’s ‘Marathon of Hope’ September 1, 1980” fastened, will find a new home.

This simple but meaningful mile marker has been given to the Terry Fox Centre by the Ministry of Transportation. The Terry Fox Centre is pleased to add this artifact to the exhibition, Terry Fox: Running to the Heart of Canada, and hopes even more Canadians will have the opportunity to see the landmark as the exhibition travels. It was at THEMUSEUM’s opening of this exhibition that Mayor Berry Vrbanovic introduced MPP Kathryn McGarry to Darrell Fox, leading to the mile marker being included.

"We are truly thankful for the efforts of the Ministry of Transportation team for caring for and protecting this significant piece of "Terry" memorabilia for over 3 decades," said Darrell Fox. "The 3,339 mile marker not only acknowledges Terry's last Marathon of Hope mile but the beginning of a legacy and we are delighted THEMUSEUM was able to add the marker to the Terry Fox: Running to the Heart of Canada exhibition". 

Terry Fox: Running to the Heart of Canada shares Terry Fox’s heroic Marathon of Hope as the most comprehensive exhibition ever organized on the run and Terry’s remarkable and continuing legacy. The exhibition provides an in-depth look at Terry’s epic 143 day, 3,339 mile (5,373 kilometers) journey from St. John’s, Newfoundland, to Thunder Bay, Ontario. It explores Canadians’ deep and abiding affection for Terry and examines his unique place in our collective memory.

"I'm so pleased that our local efforts have not only seen us be the first host of this exhibit about our Canadian hero,” says Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic, “but through local collaboration, we've been able to see the final mile marker from the Thunder Bay area donated to this wonderful exhibition as well."

Terry Fox – Running to the Heart of Canada, is in its final weeks at THEMUSEUM and will be heading to The Manitoba Museum in Winnipeg. The van that transported Terry and his team is also on display at Conestoga Mall until the end of the exhibition run. The final day to experience Terry’s journey at THEMUSEUM and at Conestoga Mall is June 16.

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Additional Quotes:

“I am delighted that the Terry Fox exhibit will now be bookended with the first and last markers of Terry’s incredible journey: the jar of Atlantic Ocean water he scooped at the beginning of his “Marathon of Hope” and the final Mile Marker from the road to Thunder Bay,” said Kathryn McGarry, MPP Cambridge. “It is my pleasure to have played a role in acquiring the final Mile Marker to display for the public. Waterloo Region is very honoured to be the first host of this exhibit in the memory of one of Canada’s greatest heroes.”

“THEMUSEUM has truly enjoyed hearing the stories of visitors and their connections to this Canadian hero,” said David Marskell, CEO THEMUSEUM. “Adding the marker of Terry’s final mile in the exhibition allows visitors in the Waterloo Region to see another piece of the story, one that took place not far from THEMUSEUM.”

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