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Museum After Dark

Museum After Dark was built for you and your friends – young professionals, creatives, and culture supporters with a shared passion for engaging with the community and immersive experiences. From the Beer Series to the Brush Off, and engaging dance parties to dialogue Series, Museum After Dark is more than just a membership. 

Upcoming Events

Beer+ Knitting

Bundle up this November and come craft with friends at THEMUSEUM! Learn the basics of knitting from Cabin and Cove Knits, and go home with the foundational skills to create a variety of your own cozy modern knits.

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Restaurants and breweries from the Waterloo Region have a lot to offer, and they’re coming together in the name of pickling. Join THEMUSEUM as each restaurant has pickled a delicious food and will be using it in a dish for you to enjoy.

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Beer+ Brush Lettering

Brush marker lettering is fun and easy to learn and is a great way to adapt your handwriting into a fun script. This 2 hour workshop will introduce you to the basics of brush lettering, provide you with a starter kit including a brush marker, workbook and paper, all while enjoying a refreshing pint.

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Mann: A Short Film by Kyle Sawyer

A mannequin lives alone in a beige apartment in a gated community of identical beige apartments. Each day of his repetitive life he must avoid a set of stairs on his way to work with a great sigh. He is not blessed with human mobility. He cannot eat, he cannot run, he cannot climb stairs. At a nondescript Nashville clothing store, it’s clear he’s fallen for his spritely coworker, and incidentally his closest human contact, but the connection is not mutual, it cannot be because he can never let her know. He comes to this realization and silently searches for his own place and purpose in the scorched American south.

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Beer+ Essential Oils

Do you suffer from headaches or body pain? Are you looking for more focus or energy throughout your day? Let’s talk about the natural healing properties of nature and construct your own blend over a pint (or two).

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