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Press Release: 2011-07-30


Fall show rethinks art and machine

KITCHENER, ON – THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener is pleased to announce their next original and international art exhibition; RAM | Rethinking Art & Machine

This fall, RAM will open to great anticipation. The exhibit showcases pioneer artists who address the relationship between art and electronic technology, light, graphics, robots and virtual reality dating back to the 1960’s.

Working with international galleries, THEMUSEUM and curator Marla Wasser will bring sixty fascinating interactive works from seven artists, including two from Canada and some Canadian premieres. “RAM has been a passionate two-year research project, where I selected each artist based on their very individual relationship with technology, and the meaningful way they use the machine as a tool to express their artistic message,” explains Wasser.  Throughout the show, each artist will be highlighted as an innovator who has broken down the traditional boundaries that have existed between the artistic and technological disciplines. As visitors tour RAM, they will engage with the interactive art works and installations, learning how each artist integrates their personal life experiences through human-computer interactions and the humanization of machines.

“I am absolutely delighted to be working with Marla again,” says David Marskell. “It’s been almost three years since we started the Warhol project and we worked so well together on that. Like Warhol, RAM is totally original, features international artists but this time it integrates interactivity and technology – a perfect fit for this community.”

To date, THEMUSEUM has worked to forge partnerships with individuals and organizations in Waterloo Region and beyond to employ the ‘festival strategy’. The term, coined by Marskell and his team at THEMUSEUM, refers to rich and diverse programming that will accompany the show. This fall, patrons can expect to attend lectures on technology and society, hands on workshops that integrate art and technology and a robot film series.

This interactive exhibition has already generated tremendous anticipation within the arts community in Canada and abroad. Currently, THEMUSEUM is in discussions with other Canadian museums, as well as museums in cities across China, to tour the exhibit. 

RAM | Rethinking Art & Machine opens September 15th to January 22nd, 2012. 

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Contributing Artists to RAM | Rethinking Art & Machine
•    Jim Campbell, 
•    George Legrady, 
•    Manfred Mohr, 
•    Alan Rath, 
•    David Rokeby, 
•    Daniel Rozin, 
•    Peter Vogel

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