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The Science of Sexuality Exhibition Confirmed for THEMUSEUM in Downtown Kitchener

Kitchener, ON: THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener, is pleased to announce that an agreement has been signed to bring the controversial exhibition - The Science of Sexuality - to south western Ontario in January 2014.

The Science of Sexuality is an award-winning, touring exhibition developed by The Montreal Science Center. Originally titled, SEX: A Tell All Exhibition and rebranded by THEMUSEUM, this show was developed along with specialists, teaching experts, parents and teenagers to give a well rounded look at the subject and responds to the main questions and concerns of young and pre-teens. It approaches sexuality in a positive, frank and respectful manner. While the subject matter is serious, it also, at times, approaches topics using humour to ease a potentially awkward subject.

The Science of Sexuality imparts what science has to say on the topic and it helps young people to hone their judgment skills to make informed decisions. This exhibit was designed for ages twelve and up and is divided into five zones in which over one hundred questions are answered through interactive activities.

The Science of Sexuality is a timely addition to our community and aligns well with our local Sexual Health Youth Strategy. The exhibit is innovative, educational and informative,” says Dr. Liana Nolan, Commissioner of Health for the Region of Waterloo Public Health. “It brings science and research into a fun, interactive and practical way to teach our youth and parents about sexual health, relationships and respect.”

“The Waterloo Region District School Board and Region of Waterloo Public Health have worked closely to develop a multi-year plan to promote healthy sexuality among youth in our region and to provide strategic direction for youth sexual health education, programs and services,” explains Linda Fabi, (recently) retired Director of Education for the Waterloo Region District School Board.  “This is best achieved through education, access and parent support.  With this important initiative in mind, THEMUSEUM's planned exhibition titled, The Science of Sexuality, will be an ideal teaching opportunity as it provides a safe environment where students can learn about healthy sexuality, ask questions and receive direct, scientifically accurate answers.”

THEMUSEUM is already reaching out to various members and organizations within the community to enhance the exhibition’s content with unique programming including workshops, speakers and performances to appeal to all ages from adolescents to seniors. Among the partners already signed up, the Canadian Institute of Health Research is supporting a Café Scientifique program, which will feature a panel related to gender and sexuality health issues.

The Science of Sexuality will connect THEMUSEUM with more students, young adults and seniors in the community through education and enlightenment,” says David Marskell, CEO of THEMUSEUM.  “The award winning exhibition is a great opportunity for people of all ages to gain awareness.”

The Science of Sexuality will open at THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener on January 25th 2014. Paying visitors to Surface Tension | The Future of Water currently at THEMUSEUM can purchase advance tickets at discounted prices for The Science of Sexuality.

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