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Student Teacher Volunteer

Position Titl​e: Student Teacher Volunteer

Department: Programing
Report to: Teacher in Residence

Description of the Position: At THEMUSEUM, student teacher candidates will primarily be involved in the development of hands-on, curriculum-based educational programs based on current exhibitions for visiting schools. Student teachers will also have the opportunity to facilitate these programs along with daily public programming.  


  • Developing lesson plans and pre and post activities for THEMUSEUM's Teacher Packages
  • Opportunities to facilitate both school programs and public programming
  • Research and compile research for exhibition programming and ideas for future educational programs
  • Collaborating with the Teacher in Residence and museum staff

Skills/Qualifications: Student Teacher candidates should have an interest in teaching a variety of subjects: anything from art all the way to math, science, history, and technology. Student Teacher candidates should have a positive and enthusiastic attitude and must enjoy working with children of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Benefits: With over 9,000 students visiting THEMUSEUM last year, it can be assured that Student Teacher candidates will have the opportunity to engage with a diverse student population. Throughout their placement, Student Teacher candidates will be working alongside the Teacher in Residence, senior education staff, and interpreters to develop and facilitate interactive, educational experiences that place students at the forefront of learning. Student Teacher candidates will have numerous opportunities to practice teaching in a variety of settings, use diverse tools, and cover multiple subjects. As THEMUSEUM works toward expanding their offerings to high school students, this would also be a great opportunity for any Intermediate/Senior Student Teacher candidates to be a part of a unique development process. THEMUSEUM is a great place for teacher candidates to explore the exciting possibilities of teaching in an informal setting and gain valuable experiences that will help them become innovative educators.


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