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THEMUSEUM presents the 2014 Leejay Levene Calendar Project

Kitchener, ON: THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener is proud to be partnered with the Leejay Levene calendar Project for their 2014 edition.

The Leejay Levene Calendar Project was developed by the Levene family as a fundraising tactic to commemorate the life of Leejay Levene. Leejay was a prolific artist whose work derived from sheer passion and passed away tragically at the age of 18 during a routine wisdom tooth procedure.

The memory of Leejay lives on through his art that is used to raise funds for local organizations. Past organizations that the Leejay Levene Calendar Project has teamed up with have been the Grand River Hospital Foundation, and the KW Symphony, amongst others.

“He's [Leejay] left a real hole in our family that will never be mended,” says Shirley Levene, Leejay’s mother. “But these calendars and prints & giclees we ship across Canada every day helps us with our healing.”

THEMUSEUM, in partnership with the Leejay Levene Calendar Project, is embarking on the largest calendar project to date. With the creation of a completely unique calendar we have set a goal of selling 5,000 calendars to produce funds to invest in arts and culture programming in the form of Leejay’s Lane for children and youth.

Leejay’s Lane will be developed at THEMUSEUM and will be a permanent place for children and youth to find the artist within. 100% of the sales of the 2014 calendar will go towards the creation of Leejays’s Lane inspiring the growth of a more creative community.

“I am so excited THEMUSEUM is a part of the Leejay Levene Calendar Project this year,” exclaimed David Marskell, CEO of THEMUSEUM. “Our tenth anniversary is approaching in September and there is no better way to celebrate the creativity we have brought to the community than to partner up with Shirley and her calendar to bring Leejay’s Lane to life.”

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