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THEMUSEUM presents Cultural Exchange 4.0

Municipal candidates to discuss arts and culture

Kitchener, ON - On October 15th 2014, THEMUSEUM will host an informal discussion involving Municipal candidates from the Region and City of Kitchener, members of the public and local cultural organizations to discuss the future of arts and culture in Waterloo Region.

Candidates are randomly selected and will have three minutes to share their vision of the future of arts and culture in our region. This is then followed by a round table exchange with residents.

This is THEMUSEUM’s fourth time hosting “A Cultural Exchange” which has included Federal, Provincial and now the second Municipal campaign. The events are meant to raise awareness and create discussions around the importance of arts and culture prior to approaching elections.

Representatives from local arts and culture organizations will be invited to sit at each table and add to the ongoing discussion. A twitter wall will be in use and the public can connect using the hashtag #VoteCulture.

New to this edition of “A Cultural Exchange” is the opportunity for the community to shape the evening’s discussions prior to the event with video submissions. Interested individuals can submit a link to a YouTube video that shares their vision for arts & culture in Waterloo Region and asks the local candidates in attendance to react during one of the discussion sessions at the event. Submissions can be made at

Admission to A Cultural Exchange 4.0 is Free. Admission to Unwrapping Egypt is $5.00 and will be open from 6:00pm - 6:45pm. Cultural Exchange begins at 7:00pm and is licensed.

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