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Who we are.

We are THEMUSEUM – oneword, UPPERCASE.

We are a new kind of museum – one of ideas and experiences. No dusty objects, no collections, and no velvet ropes here. We are dedicated to presenting fresh, relevant cultural content from around the globe in unique and interactive ways that intersect art, science, culture and technology. We are a premier cultural destination and a hub for creative thinking and inspired play.

What we do.

From Andy Warhol to Jane Goodall to Titanic to Yoko Ono, THEMUSEUM is the only museum around that is bold enough to feature such a wide range of cultural content under one roof. We offer a diverse array of exhibitions, programs and events for children, youth, families and adults guaranteed to awe, inspire, and enlighten all audiences.

Featuring five floors and 55,000 square feet of interactive exhibitions, THEMUSEUM has a little bit of everything…and a whole lot of imagination, education, and good ol’ fashion family fun.

Why we do it.

Because no one else can or will.

What Others Say About THEMUSEUM

"Whenever art and science come together, it's a beautiful thing. THEMUSEUM brings science to life with entertaining, artistic exhibits and provides a wonderful venue for artists to express their unique view of the world."
- Bob McDonald, National Science Commentator for CBC Television and CBC News and host of CBC's Quirks and Quarks

“The idea of museums like this is about interaction, is about discussing ideas, is about learning our shared heritage and is about gaining a better understanding of each other and our world,”
- Olivia Chow, Member of Parliament and former city councillor in Toronto

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