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The Underground Studio MakerSpace Camps

2016 Underground Studio Camps

For ages 9-14

It all starts here. The Underground Studio's camps have been designed to challenge and grow the skillsets of young makers aged 9-14 by doing awesome things. They will conceptualize, brainstorm, and learn through doing- creating projects from scratch with the guidance of our trained staff. They will also fail and make mistakes along the way as well, but through perseverance and persistence we'll get amazing things done. Daily rates start as low as $55, with drop-off from 8am-9am and pick-up from 4pm-5:30pm.


April 7, 2017: Hero’s Sword

April 17, 2017: Scratch Dance Party!

May 5, 2017: Galactic Wearables

June 2, 2017: The Chestnut Throne - an Iron Throne for Squirrels

Sketching with Arduino 
Control motors, lights, gears, speakers, and other actuators with Arduino! Discover the types of electric devices controllable by computers, then learn real code to make them do your bidding!
Rube Goldberg Machines
Design a contraption that performs a simple task in the most convoluted way possible. Why? Why not!
Take your favourite thing and make as many of them as you want by creating your own silicone mold! Create a front and back cast using silicone molding techniques, then cast a copy with resin.
Pinball Wizard
Do you play a mean pinball? It might be more fun to build a mean pinball! Design, create, prototype, and finish your very own wooden pinball machine. Learn how to work with wood, electronics, and mechanical devices along with computer-aided design programs.
Hero's Sword
Don your green cap and protect the land from evil with your very own Hero's Sword. Use computer-aided design to design your own blade. Create a template and contour its shape with a solid core and EVA foam. 
Scratch Dance Party!
Take a practical look into computer programming with this instructional lesson on Scratch, the visual programming language meant to make coding more intuitive. We'll cover how blocks work, conditional statements, and other programming concepts while building toward a customized creation.
Galactic Wearables
Augment your stellar style with electronics components straight from the future. Whether it's a mask, a raygun, or a gauntlet, there are infinite ways to customize once you've developed soldering skills! 
The Chestnut Throne - an Iron Throne for Squirrels
Build a fitting shrine to the former scourge of Waterloo Region, the mighty squirrel! Use fasteners and cut wood to create your very own squirrel feeder to combat the newest ruler of the Region: the Canada Goose. Treats not included! 

Please register your camper by emailing a completed registration form to or in person during regular business hours.



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