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United Nation's International Year of Light to be celebrated with exhibition at THEMUSEUM

Local technology companies, University of Waterloo to showcase light-based technology at play

Kitchener, ONTHEMUSEUM is proud to announce that it will be participating in the United Nation’s International Year of Light, which was announced for 2015. Many organizations worldwide are participating, making the International Year of Light a global initiative. THEMUSEUM strives to present fresh, global content, and will continue to do so this coming October with its new exhibition, LIGHT Illuminated, which opens this October 15 to the public.
THEMUSEUM has partnered with many local organizations and individuals to make LIGHT Illuminated possible, primarily the University of Waterloo’s student chapter of The Optical Society (OSA), who is spearheading the project. The OSA represents global leaders in the fields of optics and photonics, as well as students and professionals within the fields of science and engineering. Other partners, including the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC), the University of Waterloo, the American Physical Society, Christie Digital, Teledyne DALSA, the National Optics Institute, Fibre Tech Optica and others, have also signed on with contributions to the exhibition ranging from monetary support to equipment, expertise and programming.
These new collaborations have allowed THEMUSEUM to incorporate professional thinking, knowledge and new technologies into LIGHT Illuminated. The exhibition will showcase various interactives that visitors of all ages can engage with, to explore the basic properties of light and appreciate the importance of light-based technologies.
“This is an amazing opportunity for THEMUSEUM to be part of a global initiative and once again stage world-class content within Waterloo Region,” said David Marskell, CEO of THEMUSEUM. “Visitors of all ages will be exposed to light as they’ve never seen before, and see science and technology at play.”
“The International Year of Light aims to raise awareness of how photonics and optics are used by people every day,” said Aimee Gunther, president of the University of Waterloo’s OSA chapter. “By collaborating with THEMUSEUM, we are helping to present our professional and academic knowledge to the general public in a fun, interactive and educational way.”
LIGHT Illuminated will feature many different interactive displays, including a laser maze, body heat cameras, colour mixing stations, fibre optic displays and more. These all aim to teach visitors of all ages the different properties and components of light, and how we use and manipulate light every day.
LIGHT Illuminated will be on display beginning October 15, 2015. More information, and ticket sales, will be available online at in the coming months.

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