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VR Lens Monitors

VR LENS MONITORS is the latest incarnation of nik harron’s ongoing VR LENS PROJECT, which explores creating physical kaleidoscopic filters for viewing video. The displays harken back to the golden era of circus sideshow “peep boxes”, or “raree shows” providing an intimate display of wonder and limitless possibility. Constructed from laser-cut acrylic and discarded computer monitors, VR LENS brings together aspects of computer graphics, maker culture, history and art to produce interactive virtual visual spaces. Special thanks are extended to Kwartzlab for generously providing access to the laser-cutter used in the fabrication of this exhibit.

nik harron
Mixed Media

Nik Harron is a Kitchener-based, cross-disciplinary artist whose work spans a broad gamut of design, painting, computer animation and interactive festival exhibits.

Former artist-in-residence at Kwartzlab, his interactive exhibits, including VR LENS, InfiniScope kaleidoscope, KING PONG, and the Infinity Tunnel (in collaboration with Bernie Rohde), have been delighting festival goers in Waterloo Region for several years.

His paintings can be viewed in person at The Art District Gallery in downtown St. Jacob’s.

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