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Summer Camp

July 4 to 8: Tinker Tales
July 11 to 15: All Creatures Great and Small SOLD OUT
July 18 to 22: The Wind and the Waves
July 25 to 29: Exploring Space: The Final Frontier
August 1 to 5: Tinker Tales
August 8 to 12: All Creatures Great and Small
August 15 to 19: Passing the Torch: The Story of the Olympic Games
August 22 to 26: The Wind and the Waves
August 29 to September 2: Exploring Space: The Final Frontier SOLD OUT
*Please contact Visitor Services if you would like to be added to a waiting list for any sold out weeks.
Tinker Tales
Come learn how to tell stories through tinkering and making! Let your imagination soar while crafting light-up stories, hand-made puppets, and photographic tales. Explore art and technology at play in our maker camp.
All Creatures Great and Small
From the tiny to titanic, creatures have inspired us for generations. But who are the record-holders of the Animal Kingdom? Campers will explore animal diversity through time, learn about how they survive even under the most extreme conditions, and find out who is the biggest (and smallest) of them all. 
The Wind and The Waves
Who has seen the wind? No one, really, but we sure can feel it! Did you know that the wind and the oceans control our climate? Let's explore these powerful forces and meet the creatures that call the sky and seas their home. 
Exploring Space: The Final Frontier
The stars have held the human imagination for a long, long time. They were navigational aids, symbols of the gods, and mysteries to be solved. Join us as we discover the history and future of astronomy and space exploration! 
Passing the Torch: The Story of the Olympic Games
What are the Olympic Games? Where did they begin? What do our bodies need to survive and how do athletes train? We'll answer these questions and more in this week of history, science, and a little friendly competition.  
Camps are $195/week for non-members and $175/week for members. Part time registration is available, at $45/day for non-members & $40/day for members. 

Camp runs Monday through Friday every week, including statutory holidays.

Drop off time is 8:00am to 9:00am, pick up time is 4:15pm to 5:30pm.

For ages 4-12

Please register your camper by emailing a completed registration form into, faxing to 519-749-8612 or in person during regular business hours.





"My 6 year old son attended THEMUSEUM summer camp program for the first time this year. As a mother of two I have tried about every camp in the Region at least once over the years. The level of professionalism and organization received from the staff at the camp far exceeded my experience with many other much more costly programs. On the second day my son was greeted by first name by several staff and on the car ride home each night I received a lesson on the interesting facts and history they learned throughout the day. He came home excited about his time there and could not wait to go back each morning. I am disappointed I only signed up for one week this summer, we will definitely be back for several sessions next year!"

-Julie Garasto



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