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PD Day Camps:

September 23rd 2016: Frozen Lands

November 18th 2016: Rocks That Roll

January 27th 2017: Heroes and Villains

April 7th 2017: Under The Big Top

April 17th 2017: All Things Green

May 5th 2017: 3…2…1… Blast Off!

June 2nd 2017: Top Secret

June 30th 2017: Water Worlds

Frozen Lands
Our Ice Age Mammals Exhibition is coming to a close and it’s time to say a final goodbye to the giants and their frozen home. Learn about the rise and fall of the ice age giants and create a diorama of these ancient ecosystems. 
Rocks That Roll
The Earth is a mighty force indeed. Discover the power of tectonics while crafting volcanoes, creating geological tools and learning about the rocks beneath our feet. Check out our Nature Unleashed exhibition and get your questions answered. 
Heroes and Villains
Start the year with a bang as we discover the comic-book histories of our favourite super heroes and most feared villains.  Create your own mask and don a hero-persona while learning about the science of super-powers. 
Under The Big Top
Step right up, step right up! Join us for a day at the circus. Create a top hat and craft a wand. It’s all magic, mystery and pizzazz as we discover the tools of the trade and the big names in circus history. 
All Things Green
Earth Day is right around the corner and so is Spring. Celebrate this season of growth by discovering the plants and animals that are waking up to the sun and learn how we can protect and preserve Mother Nature. Craft using recycled materials and make your own chia pet. 
3. 2. 1. Blast Off!
The sky’s the limit. Or maybe it’s the stars? Learn about distant planets and the things we’ve sent out into space. Prepare yourself to build and launch a rocket. What more could you ask for from ‘space camp’?
Top Secret
There’s a mystery to be solved and a puzzle to be cracked. Crack messages with your hand-crafted decoder, identify finger prints and learn about DNA in the hunt for clues. Help us figure out who dunnit in this day-long mystery camp.  
Water Worlds
The oceans are home to many creatures. Channel your inner marine biologist and learn about one of the most spectacular Canadian ecosystems: The Giant Kelp Forests. We’ll create cute sea urchins, otter masks to learn about the food web in this spectacular and complex ecosystem. 
PD Day Camps run at $45/day for non-members & $40/day for members.
Drop off time is 8:00am to 9:00am, pick up time is 4:15pm to 5:30pm.

For ages 4-12

Please register your camper by emailing a completed registration form into, faxing to 519-749-8612 or in person during regular business hours.





"My 6 year old son attended THEMUSEUM summer camp program for the first time this year. As a mother of two I have tried about every camp in the Region at least once over the years. The level of professionalism and organization received from the staff at the camp far exceeded my experience with many other much more costly programs. On the second day my son was greeted by first name by several staff and on the car ride home each night I received a lesson on the interesting facts and history they learned throughout the day. He came home excited about his time there and could not wait to go back each morning. I am disappointed I only signed up for one week this summer, we will definitely be back for several sessions next year!"

-Julie Garasto



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