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  • Unwrapping the Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Senet

    Boredom isn’t something often experienced in today’s society. We have access to television, books (and e-books), video games, and the vastness of the internet which offers endless cat videos and Netflix. There is never a shortage of options when it comes to filling in spare time, but what would you do if you were living in Ancient Egypt, where there was no technology to keep you entertained?

  • Unwrapping the Secrets of Ancient Egypt: 50 Years of Creative Expression: Showcasing Antony and Cleopatra Costumes

    Despite living almost 2,000 years ago, Cleopatra VII is still present throughout society and culture today. She has remained one of the most popular pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, and her image has been recreated in multiple movies, television shows and theatrical productions. 

  • Unwrapping the Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Cleopatra VII

    The last pharaoh of ancient Egypt still has quite a hold over us today. Despite dying roughly 2,000 years ago, she remains popular in today’s society. She has been shown in various forms as the title character in a Shakespearean play, portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor on the big screen, and depicted as a cartoon character in television shows.

  • Unwrapping the Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Book of the Dead

    Ancient Egyptians had strong beliefs and practices associated with the Field of Rushes, which was the name given to their afterlife. In order to achieve eternal life after death, a body had to be properly mummified and pass a series of tests in the underworld. 

  • THEMUSEUM Inspired Halloween Costumes

    With Halloween quickly approaching, you may have started the “Oh no, why did I wait so long costume ,” thought process. Stress a little less and check out these THEMUSEUM costumes inspired by exhibitions and events of the past and present.

  • Unwrapping the Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Revealing “Justine’s” True Identity

    Do you consider history to be comprised of facts from the past that are set in stone? Or are you open to the idea that new discoveries may actually change what we previously thought was true, and allow for new information to help continually mould our understanding of the past?

  • Unwrapping the Secrets of Ancient Egypt: The Great Temple at Abu Simbel

    In 1813 Jean-Louis Burckhardt, a Swiss explorer, stumbled upon what appeared to be a very large statue of King Ramesses II.

  • Unwrapping the Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Ancient Inventions Still Used Today

    There are a number of ancient Egyptian inventions that many people around the world still use today.

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