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  • THEMUSEUM Community Stage: Egyptologist Gayle Gibson Begins a New Exploration

    This Sunday, recently retired ROM Egyptologist, Gayle Gibson will be presenting a lecture on

  • THEMUSEUM Family Experience: Dinosaur Bones

    Humans have 206 bones in their bodies. It’s estimated that a T-Rex had approximately 200 bones. Would you believe that humans and dinosaurs had the same types of bones? It’s true!

  • THEMUSEUM Exhibitions: Hidden in Plain Sight: Shadow Play

    Anyone who has visited THEMUSEUM has likely seen our Shadow Play installation on the first floor: it’s the giant white screen that lights up with different colours. But did you know that ancient peoples, who lived thousands of years ago, also used shadow play techniques to tell stories?

  • THEMUSEUM Exhibitions: Nudity: A Right for All?

    Why are we so comfortable with the image of a celebrity nearly naked by the grocery store checkout, but if a friend posted a similar photo, we’d judge them? We praise each other for posting a #nomakeup #nofilter selfie, but nakedness in any other sense is, more often than not, seen as offensive.

  • THEMUSEUM Family Experience: Discovering Fossils

    Have you ever picked up a rock with a unique pattern on its surface? Maybe its appearance was due to erosion, or the type of rock it was, or maybe you were lucky enough to have discovered a fossil! Fossils come in many different shapes and sizes, and are the preserves of many different things, such as bones, leaves, teeth and even prehistoric poop!

  • THEMUSEUM Community Stage: Third Annual Refugee Art Show

    Visitors who view the artwork will see beautiful and powerful images that tell personal stories. It will also give visitors the opportunity to learn about global issues, and see how seemingly foreign issues are also present within our own communities, and the Waterloo Region as a whole.

  • THEMUSEUM Exhibitions: GET Naked with the Buck Naked Soap Company

    Can nakedness transcend the boundaries of the human body and become more than a physical state of being? According to the Buck Naked Soap Company, getting naked means using all-natural products to help maintain healthy lifestyles while also providing a sustainable alternative to store-bought bath products.

  • THEMUSEUM Family Experience: Prehistoric Timeline

    Did you know that Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus didn’t live together? There’s actually less time between humans today and T-Rex, than there is between T-Rex and Stegosaurus. To help put the millions of years of prehistoric history into perspective, we’ve developed a timeline, complete with fun facts.

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